How to purchase and setup ToirScript

      Make sure you have read our Terms of Service HERE and understand everything in it before purchasing ToirScripts.

    Payment :
    Choose the preferred payment method and subscription

    Paypal method

    Your login information will be sent to your PayPal email.
    We will not accept any other email information you provide us.
    You need to have access to your PayPal email.
    We will not provide you Login information in any other way or form beside sending it to your PayPal email.

    - Download and installation

    Download the tool from the download section (you need to have an Registered account to be able to access this section)

    • Extract the ToirScript.rar into a folder on your desktop. The password to the .rar is "123".

    • Run ToirScript.exe as administrator and type in your ID and Password into the login window. (Your login information will be sent to your PayPal email. )

    • If everything is fine you should have a "2 fine" in the command window as showed in this picture.
      You will also be able to see remaining time left on your subscription.
      Your time starts the moment you login the first time.

    alt text

    • Go into a game and press Shift for bring up the menu to configure your settings of your preference.

    alt text

    ToirScript supported Features :

    • High quality Prediction
    • High quality Evade
    • High quality Orbwalker
    • High quality Target selector
    • Built-in Champion logic
    • Built-in Item and Summoner spell Activator
    • Multi-language support. (EN, CN, BR, RU, TUR, VN, KR etc)
    • Skin hack
    • Zoom Hack

    You are now ready to play. Enjoy!