ADC Scripting suggestions and review/feedback

  • Hi there.

    I've been playing kog maw with toir script in an account for 32 games before getting banned. Probably because I had evade enabled for everthing. I recommend disabling the circular spells and fow and only enable evade dangerous things.

    Then in the actual acccount been playing like this and fine so far.

    I have also maxxed the delay AA and moving setting to 200ms and keeping both random. And the aa before canattack to 0, as this lets you move more.

    I wanted to suggest an option for limiting the attack speed, so you can press space without worring it looks like scripting when you have over 2.5 AS as a normal human cant kite with that. My workaround now is to move manually using mouse and press space with interruptions so it seems more human.

    In any case great script.

  • Increase extraWindup to 100 it will slow you down during your AAs