• New updates on forum.

    If you are on 13.7.502.2586 Download 13.7.03
    If you are on 13.7.501.1316 Download 13.7.02

    You can check your League GAME version in Riot Games folder.

    Riot Games\League of Legends\Game right click on League of Legends.exe > Properties and go to Details tab > File Version

    Might be some minor bugs left (some drawings and stuff like that, no need to report these)

    Having crashes during injection = use 📖faq-and-tos

    Having crashes mid-game (e.g during a fight, farming, hitting turret etc) = report to us on discord.

    Try it out in bot-games a few times before you jump to ranked.

  • Im on 13.7.502.2586 i downloded the 13.7.03, it crashed after loading screen. Now i tried the 13.7.04 it crashes too right after the loading screen. CMD not showing too. Im gonna try from the faq section but cant find it

  • Crashing mid game all the time, I can't join discord either

  • @baedeN LOLLLLLL

  • It's not working here, it doesn't even open the cmd

  • @carecafox3 cmd it’s not showing since this update. If it dont shows it’s ok. But it still don’t inject for me and crash everytime after loading screen