• Hello!

    Today our URF pentakill contest will start!

    Participate by making a thread on the forum with your video link in the Video - Gameplay > URF section.
    Type your Discord tag in the post and DM Leon on discord with your forum link.

    alt text

    • RULES

    For being able to claim your reward we have some rules.

    • Show that you are using ToirScript

    • Only URF

    • Penta kills only!

    • Create a thread with your gameplay clip in the Video - Gameplay > URF forum

    • And contact me on discord with your thread-link

    • After URF ends the ToirScript Staff will decide who the winners are


    We are rewarding the community with keys for their gameplays.

    First place - 4 weeks key
    2- 14 day key
    3- 14 day key
    4- 7 day key
    5- 7 day key

    Everyone who uploads and follows these steps will also be rewarded with a 1 day key when they contact me.