X, C & V Modes need to be reworked to follow the established logic we have had in scripts for years.

  • X ought to be farm only, with spells too like Annie Q or Cass E.

    C ought be Harass and Lasthit (not with spells by default but can be enabled)

    V ought be Push/Lanefarm (not poke with spells by default but can be enabled)

    Currently, many scripts only farm with spells with C which is retarded, while not doing so with X or trying to but also going for AA lasthits which messes up the animations/timings and looks super sus while being extremely bad.

    Not only can you not customize X, C and V on almost any champion, but the biggest problem is that these decisions have been this way since so many years consistently, only to be somehow not being implemented the same way here for no reason.

    I don't know if its because someone got their hands on the core-software and just doesn't know how to manage it or what the problem is.