my list of improvements, and issues ive found with the script

  • i hope this is somewhat helpful, and please forgive me for the poor formatting, everything here is intended to be constructive criticism

    not updated with his recent mini rework, doesnt integrate the double ult with his W

    barrel logic and ult logic needs reworking

    needs laneclear with her Q
    needs to update her W with new items
    E doesnt take into account the extended range through terrain

    ult range needs to be lowered a little as she keeps missing, or the tip of the initial skill shot doesnt connect with the enemy

    ult is broke, and he had a mini rework lately

    yorick needs more logic with his ult as he auto sends the maiden down the lane to her death
    needs a flee module, throw Q at the enemy whilst auto casting w and e on herself

    azir needs a semi manual insec to ANY enemy, so i can bind it to space and have him auto insec in troll games

    sylas' ult is quite buggy, it works during the game but towards mid/late game it stops casting, and using the ults even if i use R1 manually

    if there is a way you can preload the 5 enemy champ basic abilities with logic ready for when viego ult/uses passive, it would improve the script a lot

    add a function to use Q whilst attached, aiming isnt necessary to implement, just need auto Q

    needs E logic and stealth logic, similar to twitch, or when he is walking along a wall

    gragas script is poorly tuned for example Q is very slow, doesnt always auto detonate
    E needs tidying up and more logic

    please rework her ult to be more situational, she can use W if there arent many enemies around

    ziggs needs semi manual cast ult key
    auto W under turret when can destroy it

    minimum energy level to farm with Q isnt working
    akali should save her Q and not auto so she can use her passive effectively, except in cases where enemy is low hp

    not auto detonating Q when using laneclear sometimes
    E is broken when the 'only use E full damage' option is checked

    please add flee logic to E, W and Q (and maybe even R at the enemy) he would be uncatchable with a flee key and logic
    please add logic for E, for example use to chase enemies if they dash over a wall
    and R, to save myself or ally on low hp if they would die to ignite or a dot etc, if no enemies are nearby
    add combo R key on enemies 1-5
    and semi manual cast R key

    the numbers on her empowered E are wrong when using laneclear, she is using E when they are way too low on hp

    add logic to his package, to use it on kill steal and towards enemies 1-5
    dr mundo:
    mundo needs Ez to reflect his rework

    elise seems to go too hard on the all in despite if she is outnumbered, for example she will rappel into 5 enemy players and get blown up

    needs an ult option to auto ult if hidden from enemy vision and if enemies 1-5, also in this condition he should also be able to ult to interrupt channels

    he needs a laneclear logic with his Q and other abilities
    his ult is currently broken, needs more logic with which ult do use depending on the situation.
    please add flee key to heimer where he uses his grenade, and grenade ult

    not using her Q whilst laneclear
    needs a rework of her ult logic

    kayle is clunky to use, it uses W which interrupts autos and her ult has little logic which hurts her performance, as she may use it when a few other autos could have killed the enemy

    karthus numbers need fixing when using laneclear as it only waits for minions to be very low hp when he could spam Q more efficiently to clear more quickly

    seems to be quite restricted in when she uses her Q, will only use normal Q if the enemy has been rooted by her W, but my observations could be outdated

    needs R rework and auto cancel when enemies leave his ult
    E at start of combo is good, but it commits suicide often, please add logic to check if outnumbered, unless he can kill steal quickly

    miss fortune:
    her ult needs fixing/rework, not casting it on immobile or when there are x amount of enemies

    her laneclear needs a huge rework, not using cougar skills
    sometimes when she goes all in with cougar form, the targetting can become erratic and she ends up failing the kill combo

    when using Q in laneclear the axe should be aimed just after the last minion hit, where this keeps throwing it at maximum range

    tahm kench:
    needs script rework after his last mini update

    needs auto shroom function, where he auto places shrooms at hotspots and choke points
    laneclear with shrooms on large waves of minions, provided he is above the ammo threshold

    twisted fate:
    auto use red card when pressing V laneclear
    auto ult to low enemy location for killsteal

    not using W in combo with Q

    W is a bit buggy since his W rework, where it can be used as a toggle

    auto spam Q on minions/other units when under the health threshold, this is needed as sometimes you need to keep using Q to gain health in close situations
    especially empowered Q, if under health threshold auto use empowered Q on nearest enemy unit?

    needs R logic to avoid targeted hard CC and devastating abilites like veigar R

    warwick uses Q quite slowly, under health threshold he should use fast Q to gain health in critical situations

    zed ult needs rework as he only uses it when enemies are at extremely low hp

    zilean crashes when using the flee key

    miscellanious improvements:

    when ally illaoi uses E, the script doesnt recognise it as a target to be attacked with combo, which loses out on a lot of damage for the team

    the game crashes when the bot attempts to evade cassiopea ult

    please add hextech belt and gale force to evade spells to use please

    everfrost doesn't appear to use good prediction, please can you add options to choose the prediction for certain skillshot items please

    please remove the chromas from the skin selector please, as it is making it so the newer skins dont show up on the menu

    please add logic for exhaust, and snowball (aram mode)

    add an RNG to the fake click to make it more believable, but also to click when your mouse moves drastically

  • wow lol exactly

  • can i add lee sin bad in lane clear the passive is not working and didnt flee to ally or minions just using wards only

  • shen:
    Q is broken

  • auto cleanse and qss are auto using it on slows when i unchecked that option in the menu