• no auto attack when combo/laneclear/harass - could you make it so that it allows empowered auto attacks to go through? for example garen Q wukong Q akali passive, and the support item minion procs?

    also, can you implement snowball logic for ARAM?

    much love

  • for snowball, you could use basic medium/high/very high prediction, and then use dash if there is potential to kill the target, or to get in range to use a gamechanging ult such as malphite, and you could add dash to the list of evade spells to dodge

    minion dematerialiser logic, exhaust logic, maybe advanced ignite logic where it calculates if the damage has potential to kill alongside your other damage from spells and abilities etc

    much love

  • auto buy control ward if you haven't got one placed on the map - tweak the feature so it begins after 3-5 minutes