• I've been using this platform for a few days and i have a lot of good things to say.
    One major problem i found is that, this platform, like most others, really falls off in terms of landing skillshots at high range.
    This is a very obvious thing and i already hear dozens of suggestions you might have for me.
    However it doesn't have to be this way. You can have a high frequency of firing with high frequency of connecting.
    One major thing that can easily enable this, is a prediction setting that measures the distance between
    location a, and location b.
    location a the enemy's current coordinates.
    location b is the virtual location, where the prediction method anticipates the vector of the enemy and the vector of the skillshots to meet.

    alt text

    It happens all the time when an enemy champion gets a high speed decaying speed buff, and often your skillshots will even fire into a position occupied by nobody because the script thought for a second that the sonic looking ass enemy champion will be there.

    So i think it's very important to limit the script to fire skillshots closer to where the enemies are to prevent shooting in blatantly retarded directions no human player would.

    Same thing also happens when enemy champions are in melee distance, with high speed buff, orb walking on you. The script fires the skillshot where the enemy could be if they walked past you, but the enemy champions are so close to the origin of the skillshot that it would be better just to land the skillshot super close to own body.

  • misspelled improvement. lol
    anyway i can get some support on this?
    Currently i'm not playing brand or velkoz because i can't consistently damage high movement speed skilled players